A new flight vacation adventure

Dear reader,

It’s a half year ago that I posted here, but finally I have some things to share, because were ging this year on holiday to Czech Republic. Last year we didn’t go on vacation because I had to invest in my driver license, but this year I’m going to take advantage of that. It has always been my desire since I got my 2nd beauty Vida in the pack, to fly with both of them. Rayo has flown already 8 times and for Vida it’s going to be her first time. The past week I’ve message through Twitter and Facebook a lot with the airlines Transavia and KLM. These are the two airlines that takes for sure Pitbull and American Stafford dogs with them. If you want to know if your dog is welcome in a country you should contact the embassy of that country. American stafford/Pitbull dogs are not welcome everywhere, but in enough countries do. Also I message with the people of dogs included. Especially with Fabiana, who helped me so much! Such a sweet woman. I knew the website all for a few years and I checked it regularly , but now I booked there, because they already have figured everything out. Such as veterinarians, animal shops and beautiful locations. That saves a lot and it’s my first time that I don’t connect with other people (friends, or work vacations) and I’m totally on my own and with the car I’m going to drive from the plane to our vacation house. However I’m not for real alone, because I have my biggies with me.

The cost to take your dog in the hold:

• Transavia:  1 dog and 1 flight =  €60 so if you return it is € 120 and with 2 dogs = €240
• KLM:  1 dog and 1 flight =  €75 so if you return it is € 150 with and with 2 dogs = €300

I prefer to spend my money on that trip than to leave them in a kennel (and spend my mony for their stay there) or with friends. However, you should only take your dogs with you by airplaine when they are fly resistant. You can make this decision on basis of the personality of your dog. Should your dog get ill and stressed out after the first flight, I would not recommend it. It must to do for your dog and to give tranquillizers gets very discouraged.


This week I ordered a 2nd travel transport dog box. I’ve learned Vida within 20 minutes that the box is not scary. First I showed her how Rayo goes on the command “Go in it” in the box and she followed him. Take it to your advantage if you have two dogs, because they learn from each other. Be the leader, dont’t force them and stay sweet to them.


From my experience with the holidays with Rayo in Austria, I’ve decided to buy hike shoes for both. A very famous and good brand is ”Ruffwear.” Rayo had vitriolic wounds on his paws afte the hikes. The special shoes for dogs prevent that. I only buy clothes and stuff, if it is really necessary and when it has a healing and supportive reason, not for decoration, there are dogs not for.

The fact that I’m going to make my dream come true makes that this vacation is going to be special. I trust the process in life and commming summer it’s the time to make it. I’m looking forward to the wonderful walks and runs and photo’s. I will add some of our experience to my book about travelling and runing with your dogs , which I hope to release this year and also I will share blog stories. So they are going to be different.

Feel free to follow my blog and page for updates about this journey on my work page. Questions? Post them here or send me an email to runningwithyourdogs@gmail.com

Loves from me and my pack.


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I have a very innovative, sportive, lovable life with my dogs Rayo (7 years) and Vida (4 years)
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2 reacties op A new flight vacation adventure

  1. Fabiana zegt:

    Cool sweety!! I’m sure you and your adorable pack will have a fantastic time! Want to hear ALL about it, (of course!)

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