Preparations for Czech Republic

Dear reader,

It’s 3 months ago that I have shared that were going on holiday to Czech Republic. During the months I had a lot contact with airline KLM and with dogsincluded. They have a large choice of houses and the service is top there! Anyway, I had to order a few new important purchases who are important for my dogs. A good preparation is the half work.Also I will tell you why I want to make it a run and hike vacation and a part about myself and how certain things go, which makes that I really need my freedom and what is does with me. Or rather, you will see a side of me that you only know if you have read this.

In these months I realized very good that I’m going to follow one of my dreams. From the day that I had Vida I wanted to flight with both of my biggies. It was a goal and wish of mine. Recently Vida is spaying by a Laparoscopic. Better for her health and if she ever get lost, then people can’t breed with her. So now it’s time to make my dream come true.

The new things:

• Gulliver transportbox
• Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Grip Trex
• Muzzles
• Car seat protector
• Bravecto pills

Gulliver transportbox


The day we leave, I have my driver’s license one year. For most car rental you only get a car with you if you have your driver’s licens 1 year. That’s why I have to wait the comming time. I also see it as a beautiful gift that I can celebrate it with a great vacation. I’m not tense or nervous when I think about that Vida is going to flight for the first time. For Rayo it’s going to be the 8th flight. It will be the first flight for me with my 2 dogs  and that were go with airline KLM. Normally I always went with airline Transavia, but they don’t fly to Prague on the day of departure. Both have a Gulliver transportbox. These are travel boxes that meet the requirements before your dog may travel with it and can fly along.

Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Grip Trex


On the website actievehonden I have find the right Ruffwear Bark’n Boots Grip Trex for Rayo and Vida. It protects the paws from dogs from extreme environments. Rayo and Vida have good callus pads, but seen as you walk in the mountains, the chance of wounds in combination with heat makes the chance of blisters and inflammation increases. I have experienced it once with Rayo in Austria and I want to completely avoid that for both. It’s just an investment, but I can enjoy the walks more when they don’t experience that kind of pain.



What about the muzzles, in other countries it’s often obliged to have one with you. It’s clearly visible and people will think everything about it when they seeeing dogs (in particular 2 American Stafford/Pitbull dogs), but I know I’m complied with the rules and I can protect them and myself in unpleasant situations. And as you can see, it can be look cute.

Car seat protector


In The Neterhands I use for my sweeties dog car harness belts, but I bought for the vacation a car seat protector, cause I have to drive 2hrs. from Prague to Czech republic. We have no hurry and they also need to stretch their legs. And I have to buy the food for them and myself. Anyway, I bought it also cause not every car rental accept dogs or without something that protects the seats, so it’s always good to have a thing like that one with you.

What makes that I want to travel alone with my pack? How do I make my choices?  How do I deal with myself and feelings?

I’m from myself a busy, positive, active person who has a great love for life and animals and mother nature. In my younger youth, when you must go on vacation with your parents, we often went to France and hiking in the mountains. I never could see the fun of it and I was always happy when we went back to our cottage and I could go play ping pong. I was those years young and undeveloped. Now I am a very mature shaped woman and I am one with myself and I embrace my displeasure and I am sweet and friendly with and to me. In short, I have accepted myself after my anorexic illness and my inner struggle as the woman I am now what makes that I see myself as my bestfriend and that I can do everything with myself. Go on vacation, traveling, going to concerts, sports, going out. This can certainly with others, but I love to do this kind of great things alone.

When I’m hiking an running in the mountains, I feel incredibly good! I can enjoy it so much! The quieter it is and the less people, and preferably none at all, the more I trust my own intuition and I can follow my feelings. In my daily life in the Netherlands there are always things that I need to do and you have to plan things in so you can make the time. Addition, negative energies or others can influence you faster. I know how I should deal with it, but when I’m in the mountains and all with my pack Rayo and Vida, then is that not an issue. I feel the energies that I want to feel. I notice, in my busy life I come myself certainly against, but when I’m travel, I come to a much deeper level. I have found my inner peace since 1 year. Before I came to this point I threw myself always in seven locks simultaneously. I stopped only when the man with the hammer came. I was then sick, tired, and I was upset and in my anorexic years, really depressed. That alone took years until I got the insight that I could better stop. I lost myself. Now I know the weak points in that area, and I stand still by my feelings before I make decisions. I am highly sensitive and I have a sixth sense and I really do everything with my feelings. Once my ratio comes into, I start sometimes with doubting. And often when I’m doubt I’m going to fill in, and that’s something I don’t like to do, so I have to ask again to people, if what I’m thinking is correct. So it’s best for me to make desicions from my feelings, accompanied by my own wisdom that assists me in a positive way. Because I’m so close by myself I can enjoy yoga and meditation. When I do this in particular in the mountains, I am very close to mother nature. Something so powerful!  I can’t explain my thinking from what it does to me, it’s a feeling that comes loose at me when I’m alone with my dogs.

I see running even as an meditation, alone in an active way. When I run, I realize suddenly very good, that I should be happy and grateful that I have two legs which run km’s with me. I become very empty in my head and sometimes I can feel the breath that you have after crying as a child. So I experience it also as I come to very much a younger me.

Well deep enough for now, but I had the feeling to share a bit more what happends beside my happy face.

And believe me vacations like these one, when my pack is with me, have for me so much more value. Why should I let my dogs in a dogshelter? They don’t get the love and leadership as I give it to them. I can’t go relax on holiday without them. They are the reason why I can enjoy it much more. Beside it feels safely, is the most reason that I make great memories with them and that I can see that they enjoy it too. I want and go emigrate later and now I want to experience where I feel fine with my pack and where I can earth. Also the bond between me and my pack always grow enormously. And that starts with the departure from my home, because they feel very well that something will happen. And then it’s the art to continues to remain that you are the leader, so that they don’t experience stress.

Anyway, I have now arranged everything, now it’s countdown!

For any questions send mail to: and you can follow us on my Facebook page Life coach Leidy – Humans and dogs and Instagram: @rayoyvida & Life coach Leidy



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I have a very innovative, sportive, lovable life with my dogs Rayo (7 years) and Vida (4 years)
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